How to use a Composer in a Website/News/Newsletter

Through the composer you can customize the layout
of your website, news and newsletter.

Below the description of the individual commands.

Spacing & line.

- Spacer: a space with variable height; by clicking twice on the space you can set the height.

- Line: a dividing line with variable height; by clicking twice on the line space, you can set thick, line and color.


Typographic elements such as: Title, Subtitle and Paragraph.
Each of them can be edited with the editor commands by double clicking on the text box.


Through the media control, you can place a single image or video, or a gallery of images / videos. 

The following items can be managed through the setting panel that appears after double-clicking on the image box.
(for Image Gallery & Video Gallery, go to "How to set an Image Gallery").


- Link: a text link that you can change the name of the link,  action (internal or external page) and design (left, center or right alignment).

- Simple Button:  you can change the name of the link, action (internal or external page) or customize the button by choosing from predefined or personalize the colors and fonts.

- Action Button: a text link that you can edit. The name of the link, action (internal or external page) and design (left, center or right alignment).

- Social icons: insert and setting the social button on your page. Choose which company you want to show, the design of the icons and the alignment.


- Contact form: classical form with input email and message.

- Subscribe form: form to subscribe the newsletter.

- Reservation: booking form for restaurant, hotel or similar services.

- Custom: customize your form (view "Create & customize a Form").


- NEWS: enter the list of news (view Knowledge "How to create a News" ).
- PROMOTIONS: you can enter a coupon for a promotion.
- CATALOG: drag the catalog created in the app section "Catalogue" (view Knowledge "How to create a Catalogue").
- SOCIALIZER: enter a news block. The contents of the news that you can recover from their social or news section.


- Map: insert a Google Map and set the parameters.

- Custom: insert a block on the information about you.

- Parallax: scrolling background image for an element on your page/posts.

- Flash object: insert a Flash animation (swf file extension) on your page.

- Video background: insert a video on the background site.

- Tabs & Swiper: a group of tabs/slide with slideshow effects.


Enter the preset blocks with specific graphics.
For example: a headline with subtitle and button, a list of services or a contact page...