New "space user" activation

As a new Exentriq User or Space Collaborator you will be provided with credentials to login to any of the several Exentriq powered services and all of the Exentriq Network Rebrands

You can also interact with users through the Exentriq Talk Application Available in the Exentriq Console located on the top right . 

You can also download the Beta versions of the Exentriq Talk Mobile here:

If invited to "Board based" collaboration tools such as Projects app Demand management app Support App you might benefit from the installation of the Exentriq Chrome Extension for Gmail that allows you to tag email related to Boards you are invited to collaborate or other exentriq entities such as cards.

Find the Exentriq Extension on the Exentriq for Gmail - Chrome Web Store 

If you are a Mac user we have an Alpha version of  Exentriq Talk for Mac you can download Exentriq Talk for Mac

Video Conference can be accessed through Exentriq Meet available at the following URL Exentriq Meet 

You can create rooms and invite other users through the link, make sure your browser is WebRTC enabled (Chrome, Opera, Firefox).