How to create and edit
a priceList

1.Go on "demand" app and click on "price list"
on the left side of the panel.

click on "+" button on the right button.

2.Click on "add price list" button.

3.Set the name & value
of the price list.

The Price List has been created successfully.

How to add a products/services
in the price list

1.Click on three-dots on right side of the "priceList" label and click on "view" to add products or services.

click on three-dots on right side of the price list label to edit  name & value of the price list, delete or publish.
When the prices list are published it is available in the "pricing" section in the "proposal" area. 

2.Click on "+" button on the right side to add an Item.

3.Set the information about Items (category, price etc...).

The item has been added successfully.
You can proceed and add another item.